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I ran a thousand miles in Washington, D.C.


I lived in Washington D.C. for three years and two of those years, I exercised by going for long runs around the city. Before I left D.C. for St. Louis I checked out Stava and Nike Run Club apps. They showed I ran well over 1000 miles through the streets of D.C.

I ran very slow at first, but as I ran more the faster I got. There were a few months which I ran over 100 miles. When you run that much you have to start managing your time, diet, and take action to prevent injury. Your body feels great and it positively affects your mood when you run like that.

A typical run was 6 or 9 miles long. I would run past the White House, Lincoln Monument, Washington Monument, The Capital. I ran through Countless protests, by a few politicians' funerals, and passed by many motorcades.

During my runs, I listened to about 50 Audible books and 100 podcats episodes. I got good at picking out good Audible books. Authors will often go on podcats tours to promote their books. So I will listen to podcasts to find an author I like and get their books. However, if you listen to 2 or 3 podcasts with the same author it's not worth getting to book because you will not learn anything new.